Spring is in the Air

Dear friends,

This week we welcome Spring with its seasonal changes that will soon beautify our winter weary world. So it becomes an ideal time to update our website jrwdesign.com – to offer you a peek of some of our exciting new creations.

dowdle_north_012 - High End Interior Design

At 11 pm, Sunday, March 24, tune into NBC’s nationally syndicated Open House Television as I tour a master bath and other exclusive design features we created for a North Shore home. The owners are an exceptional professional couple who returned to Chicago after 30 years in Hawaii, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

2013_march_DiningRoom1 - High End Interior Design

A Texan couple’s arresting personal art collection informed both the design and color palette of the home in Chicago’s Trump International Tower they commissioned us to create for them. It’s both fabulous and fun.

2013_march_FRONTGARDEN_NIGHTTIME_FINAL - High End Interior Design

Our JRWD Nigeria, Ltd. division developed footprints and exterior elevations for an estate in Lagos including the Main House, Pool Pavilion, Garage/Estate Manager’s residence, Mechanical Building and Conference Center/Gate Houses plus water features, landscaping and interior design. Completion is anticipated in early 2015.

2013_march_4623LR2 - High End Interior Design

Standard Trump Tower finishes were in place when a young business “wunderkind” bought a 2,000 sq ft. two-bedroom condo. The warm, rich brown and copper tone color palette and furnishings we introduced perfectly suits his sophisticated lifestyle.

“May your world be beautiful!”

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Chicago, IL 60654
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  1. Doris Hamilton

    Hi John,

    Congratulations again! I am happy for your continual success and as proud as a “mother hen”. I remember you when boy friend!
    Doris Hamilton
    Real Estate Broker

  2. Barbara

    Wonderful work John! I just returned from a trip to see your email from last week… and as usual, was blown away. Looking forward to seeing more on your updated website.

  3. JOYCE

    John, You do, indeed, have a beautiful home with a wonderful terrace. I know you were dining with Cynthia Rowley and she sent me a nice e-mail. I am sure you will be spending more time on your terrace when the weather improves. Enjoy!

  4. Linda Dinn

    Dear John, Your home is as handsome as you are.

    Wishing you many relaxing and joyful evenings with your friends and family. Most importantly, may your new home
    continue to bring you emotional comfort.

    Most sincerely,

  5. Pamela And Helen

    Hi John,

    Congratulations!!! You look fabulous!!

    In Paris now with my daughter, possibly going to London on Sunday and … Back to Paris.

    Will let you know when I’m next in Chicago, we can have tea!

    Much love,

  6. Steve


    Thank you for sharing, your home is fabulous. The Manor Wings chairs don’t hold a candle to the star of the room, the painting by Bruno Surdo, but look great.

    I hope we can get together soon as I think you are going to love the new designs by Jacques Garcia.

    Steven Glassner
    Baker Knapp & Tubbs

  7. Isabel Mitchell

    Dear John,
    I am so excited to tune in to see the tour. How wonderful and I look forward to it. Thanks for keeping me informed of your activities, it is very inspiring.

  8. Kare Meyer

    John, you look so well and this is your new home? That’s what it sounds like! Love the outdoor space! Where is it? I think of you always with fondness and appreciation for your friendship with my mom,

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