Reinventing my Life at Home…

Dear friends,

After spending 13 years in my Egyptian temple I reasoned things were way overdue for a move. Exploring many options my choice was a new residence in the same building – a bright, south facing space offering beaucoup possibilities. It is a welcome opportunity to re-invent my life at home.

Kitchen Design

The existing kitchen design was the domestic diva’s nirvana. Not being a Grant Achatz or Charlie Trotter wannabe, its scale and dominance troubled me. Overshadowing the entire living room, it was disproportionate to the rest of the living space…

Kitchen Design

So I decided to move it to the former den. Our workmen moved water, gas, and electrical connections. The spiky, tangled tapestry that remains (and I, too) impatiently await the arrival of the sleek new appliances, cabinetry and accessories to complete a setting that better meets my vision.

Kitchen Design

A rendering illustrates many details of my new den of domesticity. Cabinets facing the sink will be clad in lizard embossed leather‚ other areas are satin finished metallic lacquer. Hopefully they will arrive right after the holidays but since it is really all about the custom colored, embossed leather, no one knows when they can actually be expected. Being my own client is difficult indeed.

Kitchen Design

The subdued color palette and strikingly graphic Mondrian geometrics conceal the Murphy-style bed. It converts the yoga space Eugene, my Russian trainer, and I use for work outs to a guest bedroom with its ensuite bath and generous closet space. Incidentally, lifestyle expert Jim Karas sends Eugene over Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Kitchen Design

My raison d’etre – true motivation for purchasing this new home – is the 60-foot long, 16-foot wide terrace. Outdoor living space that far exceeds the grounds of any of the Bucktown houses I’ve owned. My new hobby? You’ve guessed it, Gardening. Now we will see what shade of green my thumb turns. Hopefully it matches my decor.

Kitchen Design

Just as the holidays began, we received an award from the Home Builders Association of Greater Chicago for a Northfield, IL. home we have completed which inspired the JRW design “dream team’’ to create MY award-winning home.

Happy 2013. May your world be beautiful.

Kitchen Design

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  1. Joyce and Bruce

    John, Wishing you all the very best! Am sure your new dwelling will be absolutely wonderful as all of your renderings are. Hope 2013 brings you the best of health and continued success. Joyce and Bruce

  2. Eve

    This is a most interesting newsletter. Yes, I agree that turquoise kitchen was overwhelming, and unfortunately I see that situation in a lot of places. Your new home sounds like an exciting project, and I am sure you will be busy with it for quite some time.

  3. Ibrahim IMAMOGLU

    My dear and valuable friend:

    I wish you a Merry Christmas
    A Happy New Year.
    May all your good wishes become true in this year and
    May the World live in peace and prosperity and brotherhood..

    Ibrahim IMAMOGLU

  4. Barış Toplan

    Dear John,

    Greetings from Istanbul. Hope you are well and having a great time.

    Congratulations for your award and I wish you a great year, full of joy and happiness in your new flat, success and health.

    All the best

    Barış Toplan (Mr.)
    Director of Sales
    Çırağan Palace Kempinski

  5. Valérie Marcus

    Hi! Good for you ….. You deserved it! And beautiful….. Good luck with your gardening : )
    I will call you when I am back in town !

    Merry Christmas!
    Valérie Marcus
    VM Concept LLC

  6. Susan

    Hi John,
    I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for the photos, this looks spectacular! That must be the largest terrace in the city, too. Can’t wait to come to a summer party there–you are having one, aren’t you?

    Friedrich says hi. Lets get together in the new year, I will call you to arrange something–

  7. Dan Harvey


    Congratulations on your new home! I wish you much happiness there and a successful 2013!!

    Best Regards,

    Dan Harvey
    Assistant Vice President DK Condo
    The Legacy at Millennium Park

  8. Celeste Johnson von Dahm


    Good Luck With Your New Personal Project! You are fabulous! Wishing you an even more Outstanding 2013! Thank you for your fabulous book. I am leaving it in the office for all the brokers to see.
    And…loved the card!:0

    Best Wishes Always!

    Celeste Johnson von Dahm
    Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
    Broker Associate

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